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Wrestler: The Executioners
Organization: World Wrestling Federation

Created by Matt

Note: The Executioners
were a former WWF Jobber Tag
Team that looked exactly alike.

Load Model Edit:


Nickname WWF
Shortname The Exec Longname utioner
FlipBox Off Separator None

(Appearance Settings)

Stance Strong
Size M
Face - 94, 94,141
Chest S Kaiser Suit
Waist S Belt w/ Wrestling
Upper Arm S Kaiser Suit
Lower Arm S Neo Kaiser Suit
Wrist - Barehanded
Thigh S Lonmg Tights 1
Knee - Mexican Tights 1
Ankle - Shoes 3

• Color Settings •

Skin Tone 0
Costume 1 0
Costume 2 0
Costume 3 0
Pads/Shoes 1
Shoes 1 0
Shoes 2 1
Mask/Glove 1 4
Mask/Glove 2 18
Hair/Eyes 0

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